Pdc Oil Drill Bit

  • API Oilwell PDC Drill Bit & Tricone Bits
    API Oilwell PDC Drill Bit & Tricone Bits
    USD 200.00
  • pdc oil well drilling bits prices/diamond oil drilling bit price/pdc bit for water well drilling made in china
    Pdc Oil Well Drilling Bits Prices/diamond Oil Drilling Bit Price/pdc Bit For Water Well Drilling Made In China
    USD 0.12
  • Cheap price matrix body 8 1/2" PDC oil well drilling bit with 5 blades
    Cheap Price Matrix Body 8 1/2" PDC Oil Well Drilling Bit With 5 Blades
    USD 590.00
  • China API PDC oil well drilling bits prices
    China API PDC Oil Well Drilling Bits Prices
    USD 3,500.00
  • oil drilling PDC bits / 8 1/2" diamond PDC bits
    Oil Drilling PDC Bits / 8 1/2" Diamond PDC Bits
    USD 4,500.00
  • oil well drilling bucket teeth rock matrix body diamond cutter PDC drill bit
    Oil Well Drilling Bucket Teeth Rock Matrix Body Diamond Cutter PDC Drill Bit
    USD 13.00
  • API quality pdc diamond drill bits / drilling bits oil and gas
    API Quality Pdc Diamond Drill Bits / Drilling Bits Oil And Gas
    USD 200.00
  • price pdc hss stainless steel tungsten carbide tipped concrete oil rock drill tools diamond core drill bit
    Price Pdc Hss Stainless Steel Tungsten Carbide Tipped Concrete Oil Rock Drill Tools Diamond Core Drill Bit
    USD 18.00
  • PDC Bit manufacturer for oil and gas drilling equipment
    PDC Bit Manufacturer For Oil And Gas Drilling Equipment
    USD 30.00
  • Diamond PDC bit/diamond core bit/oil well drill bit
    Diamond PDC Bit/diamond Core Bit/oil Well Drill Bit
    USD 200.00
  • Oil exploration drill bits used pdc cutters for stone cutting
    Oil Exploration Drill Bits Used Pdc Cutters For Stone Cutting
    USD 50.00
  • Factory prices 5 7/8 inch 5 blade matrix body and steel body oil well sandstone drilling diamond head pdc drill bits for sale
    Factory Prices 5 7/8 Inch 5 Blade Matrix Body And Steel Body Oil Well Sandstone Drilling Diamond Head Pdc Drill Bits For Sale
    USD 1,029.00
  • soft formations CYMA PDC oil drilling bits
    Soft Formations CYMA PDC Oil Drilling Bits
    USD 500.00
  • API standrad PDC drill bits oil and gas /PDC drill bits
    API Standrad PDC Drill Bits Oil And Gas /PDC Drill Bits
    USD 1.00
  • Diamond PDC bit/diamond PDC drill bit/oil well PDC drill bit
    Diamond PDC Bit/diamond PDC Drill Bit/oil Well PDC Drill Bit
    USD 120.00
  • Promotion!!! Low price PDC diamond oil drill bits
    Promotion!!! Low Price PDC Diamond Oil Drill Bits
    USD 1.20
  • pdc oil drilling equipment / coal mining bit
    Pdc Oil Drilling Equipment / Coal Mining Bit
    USD 5.00
  • PDC 8 1/2" rotary tci tricone drill bit/oil field equipment for sale/oil drilling machines
    PDC 8 1/2" Rotary Tci Tricone Drill Bit/oil Field Equipment For Sale/oil Drilling Machines
    USD 30.00
  • Tiger Rig high quality newest type oil well tricone PDC drill bit
    Tiger Rig High Quality Newest Type Oil Well Tricone PDC Drill Bit
    USD 30,000.00
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